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your leaders on the road to becoming top performers.

The way we learn and develop is changing as technology evolves. With current
learning media tending to be knowledge focused, how do leaders improve and
practice skills development that accelerate their performance?

SkillsPilot is NOT a passive eLearning course, it is facilitator-led, with interactive sessions for both one to one and group skills practice experiences.

SkillsPilot can significantly enhance a future leaders program, and mid-senior leadership development programmes.

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SkillsPilot is typically used to build leadership talent quickly. It can support high potentials and leadership teams enabling fast and efficient results. This can support organisations seeking to rapidly shift their behavioural culture or adapt skills to meet new commercial demands.

Practical Skills Assessment & Development, Real-time facilitation with Expert Observations.

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Professionally facilitated bite-sized sessions.

SkillsPilot enables participants to take part in professionally facilitated bite-sized interactive sessions, that include significant skills practice time.

Real time actions

Get participants to think on their feet

Unlike eLearning, participants will be expected to take part in real time, experiencing real business scenarios for skills practise, learning and development. No time to google the answer, participants will need to think on their feet!

Group & 1:1 actions

Interactive group and individual submissions

Take part in group or one to one events with real time actions, submissions and responses, the interactive space can be maximised for ease of use.

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Professional Observations

Recorded and observed by real business people

Drive learning and development from our expert comments and development tips, written by real business people, specifically for you.

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Feedback report

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Executive Summary

Quickly identify and highlight key themes and patterns in behaviour for chosen skills.

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Tips from real business people

Focused comments, specific suggestions and pro tips from real business people for each exercise.

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Side by Side Results

Easily reflection on the impact you have quickly gain self-awareness and a clear perspective around your behaviours.

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Focused Development Areas

Fast and simple development focus, easily identify areas for improvement and gain deep understanding of your natural strengths.

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Easy Scheduling

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Never Miss an Event

SkillsPilot looks after automated reminders and communications to participants.

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Next-Gen Skills Development For Leaders

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